ASSOCIATION OF ENERGY ENGINEERS

14th Annual Energy Forum
October 17, 2013 - 7:30am - 3:00pm - Denver Police Protective Association (PPA) Event Center , Aurora, CO

"The Progress of our Energy Future"

Our annual forum will be held on October 17th at the at the Denver Police Protective Association (PPA) Event Center building at 2105 Decatur St in Denver. We should have a great lineup of speakers to cover “The Progress of our Energy Future”.

  • Climate Economics. Tom Stoner, author of “Small Change, Big Gains.
  • Gas Prices and Fracking – Looking Forward. Tim Carter, Xcel Energy.
  • Discussion of Renewables and Transmission Issues. Jonathon Thompson, High Country News.
  • TBD Rocky Mountain Institute.
  • Energy Entertainment from Bill LeBlanc, E Source.
  • Building Analytics. A panel representing the product, integrator, and client perspective.
  • New Horizon of Energy Audit Tools. Speaker list being developed.
  • Energy Reductions through Occupant Behavior. Jennifer Cross, Associate Professor at CSU’s Department of Sociology.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the meetings and invite your input to make RMAEE an even stronger and more valuable organization to our community.

Agenda & Presentations

Continental Breakfast and Registration
Opens at 7:30 AM. Conference and speakers starts at 8:30 AM.

Colorado Gas, the Utility Perspective
Tim Carter, Xcel Energy, will speak on the current natural gas markets, from both a national and a Colorado perspective. In addition, Tim will give us an outlook on the impact of shale gas.

Climate Economics
Tom Stoner, author of “Small Change, Big Gains: Reflections of an Energy Entrepreneur”, will talk on climate change economics and examine the global energy supply. He explains how we--as business professionals, students, consumers, and citizens--can transform our current energy system into a system that creates new business opportunities, promotes environmental health, and broadens our understanding of wealth.

Reinventing Fire in YOUR Town
Eric Maurer, Rocky Mountain Institute, will speak on Fort Zed and where the project is heading as well as RMI’s efforts driving transformation in the electricity sector toward efficiency and distributed renewables.

New Horizon Energy Audit Tools

  • Virtual Energy Audit Tools
    Andrea Salazar, E-Source, will cover the use of remote energy auditing software products like Retroficiencies and First Fuel. She will discuss a summary of these tools, who is currently using these tools, how the tools are being utilized, and a PG&E study that compared results using these virtual tools to an energy audit conducted by actual “boots on the ground” auditors.
  • Deep Energy Modeling Tools
    Larry Brackney and Oliver Davis, NREL, the presentation will cover the opportunity of leveraging software for rapid energy audits, solar design, and whole building energy modeling. The collaboration between NREL and concept3D has led to the development of simuwatt(R) Energy Auditor and enhancements to NREL's OpenStudio. This mobile and cloud based application suite allows practitioners to perform deep (Levels 2/3) energy audits at 50+% time and cost savings. Tools such as simuwatt and OpenStudio allow ESCO's and others to simply uncover the 'last frontier' of energy efficiency savings...a market of over $150B in the US alone.

Why Don’t Customers Do What I Want Them To, Even if I Talk Really Loud?
William LeBlanc, E Source. While technology has long been the focus of efficiency and renewables programs, our coming challenge will be to shift that focus squarely on the customer. However, customers tend to be irrational, easily distracted, and suspicious creatures. But through better marketing, and using the power of social norms and behavior change science, we can embrace these customer challenges and use them to boost efficiency and renewables success…and have some fun along the way.

The Grid and Transmission Issues
Jonathon Thompson, High Country News, will cover the current structure of our grid and how we got here, how the grid is currently managed today and how renewables affect the load balance, and the solutions being considered that would address the difficulties in maintaining that load balance.
Haywired Article.

Building Analytics

  • Energy Information Systems (Dashboards)
    Andrea Salazar, E-Source, will cover research done to date on energy analytics software offerings including Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory's (LBNL) efforts to develop a matrix of current products and their capabilities such as visualization, analysis, benchmarking, and forecasting. She will also cover several case studies, developed by LBNL, and how utilities are using these products.
  • Getting Data Out of Buildings
    Stuart Waterbury, AEC. Developing a smart building strategy requires access to building operating data. This presentation will cover obstacles to consider and questions to ask as they relate to IT, BAS architecture, open protocol, hosting, and data access.
  • RTU Fault Detection
    David Podorson, E-Source, will cover fault detection and diagnostic add-ons for roof top air conditioning units – what’s out there, how they work, and how effective they are.

Using Social Science in Energy Consulting
Jennifer Cross, Associate Professor at CSU’s Department of Sociology. Most energy consulting services focus on the actual building and its related operation but often ignore the organization structure and the building occupants. When these components are not addressed they often become barriers to reducing energy. This presentation will focus on how to address all areas, from a social science perspective, to increase the effectiveness of energy related services.

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